Portfolio Advisory for Family Offices Our Unique Approach

For most people, it seems there are an infinite number of choices on how to put their all important savings to work to achieve their personal investment goals. So many choices can be overwhelming and confusing. At Castle Rock Capital Investors Group, the team’s years of experience and market access have led us to three distinct strategies that we believe offer the most advantages to our clients. Through our discussions with our Clients, we will construct a portfolio using Model One, Model Two, or Model Three or a combination of our strategies to provide Clients a prudent comfort level of risk matched with the best opportunity for growth. We also remain flexible towards custom portfolios for our clients seeking to diversify out beyond our in house strategies.

Model 1 - Strategy Model:

Our first option is our Strategy models. In these portfolios, we target smaller, but positive returns over a typical decennial cycle. We strive to avoid losses, knowing that such losses can require an even higher percentage of gains just to get back to break even. Our Strategic models are actively managed. When we determine that a specific investment in the model is no longer valid, it is abandoned as soon as possible. In addition, a portion of the model is reserved for the purchase of "portfolio insurance." When we deem that the market is in danger of a substantial decline, we purchase inverse investments to counteract this risk.

Model 2 - Diversity Model:

These portfolios are well diversified, with strong allocations spread across large, medium, and small companies, as well as the value, core, and growth sectors. Additional diversification is attained by including a broader mix of International Markets. Clients invested in these models should expect higher returns than our Strategic models, but also the inherent volatility of a higher risk investment.

Model 3 - Tactical Return Strategy :

The Tactical Return Strategy aims to deviate from a strategic asset allocation (i.e. "set and forget") to a more event driven opportunity model, alongside a strategy to exploit market momentum and asset class mispricing by utlizing fundamental and quantitative investing methodologies.

Our Investment Advisory Service and Resources

Ongoing Communication:

Communication is the crux of every relationship. Therefore, you'll always have direct access to your portfolio manager. We believe that open lines of communication result in a more complete understanding of your unique situation.

Extensive Resources:

Our portfolio advisors through our global market relationships have access to some of the financial industry’s brightest thinkers. This diverse team of research analysts, strategists and economists developed and tested over many years are well positioned to meet the challenges of the global investment arena. These resources create the extensive support network available to your portfolio advisor for the effective management of your assets.