Castle Rock - IREGO funds synopsis

Castle Rock Capital"s IREGO funds core strategy is grounded in understanding real estate fundamentals and transacting sound deals based on this knowledge. This strategy is vital for surviving the highly competitive operating environment which favours institutions with superior knowledge, resources and value-added capabilities.

Castle Rock Capital"s IREGO funds pursue a policy of selective acquisitions and value-maximizing dispositions across a number of targeted markets and asset classes. Resources and efforts are concentrated on acquiring high-quality and well-located properties, offering reliable core income and/or growth potential. This is achievable through aggressive management and value-adding acquisition initiatives. Our acquisition strategy is coupled with the timely disposition of assets approaching their maximum value, ensuring optimal investment returns.

Castle Rock Capital"s IREGO funds actively pursue development opportunities in all asset classes where market conditions provide compelling arguments in support of new construction projects. In certain circumstances, development activities offer attractive, risk-adjusted rates of return relative to acquisition opportunities. Castle Rock Capital"s IREGO funds identify these supply deficits and attempts to fill the shortfall by delivering high-quality real estate product. We also have the potential to maximize the rates of return on existing under-developed assets.

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