Our Special Situations team is focused on sourcing pre IPO and event driven investments with a projected return on equity of 25%+ and a holding period of 18 - 36 months. The team is focused on the Asian and LATAM markets where the combination of expected future economic growth and market turmoil post the sub prime credit crisis is creating a number of attractive investment opportunities.

Our Capital Markets Advisory Team provides our Clients standout expertise and market access to facilitate investment strategies across the global equity and debt markets. We have developed three distinct strategies that we believe offer the most advantages to our clients.

Through our discussions with our Clients, we will construct a portfolio using one, two, or a combination of all strategies to provide Clients a prudent comfort level of risk matched with the best opportunity for growth. We also remain flexible towards custom portfolios for our clients seeking to diversify out beyond our in house strategies.

Alongside our key background in the North American and European markets, the Investment Advisory team has built extensive experience across emerging markets. We expect the BRIC nations’ markets and those surrounding to form an increasingly larger portion of our Client portfolios.

Our Corporate Finance Advisors provide the essential experience required by global enterprise looking to access Private and Capital Market investment to facilitate their own business development and investment strategies.